It is estimated that over 40 million used tyres need to be disposed of every year.

Government legislation has had a huge impact on how this activity is now carried out.

Although tyres can be used for engineering purposes in landfills, since 2003 there has been a ban on landfilling whole used tyres. In addition, since 2006 it has become illegal to land fill shredded used tyres.

These changes in legislation have meant that more innovative approaches to ensure vehicle tyres are recycled and reused responsibly. For example, cement kilns are already using redundant tyres as fuel and tyre granulate has a number of uses as carpet underlay, children’s playgrounds and sports surfaces. Landfill engineering is also a takes a high proportion of redundant shredded tyres as a substitute for aggregates at landfill sites to improve surface water drainage.

Niramax have installed a state of the art tyre processing facility at its Hartlepool site. With a capacity to handle up to 50,000 tonnes of used tyres per annum the rubber is shredded and granulated ready for re-use.

We can provide collection and delivery services from most locations, alternatively you may also deliver directly to our site.

We are also able to supply suitable containers at your facilities, so that you can store tyres safely prior to being removed by our regular collection service.